Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Call to Arms

Fellow inhabitants of our earth and Chem 324 classmates,

I bring an urgent situation to you.  Many of you have enjoyed participating in our protein of the year competition and found it an enjoyable diversion from studying for finals.  Yet the situation is not as light-hearted as you may think.  

An tip from an unidentified source revealed to me that some proteins in this competition are aiming not for scientific recognition, aesthetic approval, or even that ultimate good - bragging rights.  Instead, the presence of two toxins in our final four reveals their overall strategy - world domination and global destruction.


Anthrax toxin

These pernicious proteins have a goal no less devious than total destruction of earth, one innocent cell at a time.

Do not lose hope yet!  Standing between these proteins and the fate of our planet are two bulwarks of life as we know it - Glutamine Synthetase and RuBisCO.  As a proponent of Glutamine Synthetase, I assure you that this proponent of life has been steadily removing toxic ammonia and delivering it as healthful glutamine for millennia.  The graceful curves of its twelve subunits speak of peace and harmony, and its intricate regulation ensures that it will never pose a threat to the cells that house it.

Granted, though hemagglutin is in mortal combat with glutamine synthetase for the fate of earth, hemagglutin does have non-destructive roles......
.....actually, I can't think of any.

Strike a blow for cellular survival, peace, and the fate of our planet!

Vote Glutamine Synthetase!